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Brexit has turned the clock back almost 40 years with long forgotten Customs barriers returning on both sides of the Channel.

This means that every single order is subject to Customs clearance in both the EU and the UK. Same amount of paperwork, same extra cost (€ 120 on average), regardless of the individual order consisting of 1 bottle or 1 pallet. Clearly the smaller orders are the hardest hit.

ENOCARE offers an efficient order consolidation and administration service to UK traders who still wish to access the vast diversity of wines Italy has to offer, but need the newly generated administration and costs brought on by Brexit to be mitigated.

Here's how it works:


You place your order with your Italian supplier

(or any other EU origin)

Supplier raises a sales invoice to ENOCARE and ENOCARE raises a sales invoice to you

We bundle the orders into one export invoice and and ship them consolidated and hassle-free to your warehouse.

ENOCARE will purchase the wines for you from your chosen Italian suppliers, bundle them into one export invoice, consolidate them on multi-supplier pallets and ship them hassle-free under bond to your uk bonded warehouse or duty paid anywhere in Great Britain, saving you time and money. All logistics and freight services are provided by STI Internazionale. Contact us now to learn more about this unique solution to your post Brexit woes.


Thanks! We will be in touch soon.

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