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The UK has left the European Union including its Customs Union on 31/12/2020, meaning that
all movements of goods thereafter between the UK and the EU are subject to Customs
clearance. Luckily the Free Trade Agreement struck on Christmas Eve has averted the risk of
goods being subject to import duties. But a whole lot of expensive extra paperwork is now
burdening EU and UK businesses. Most concerning of all for wine traders, the UK Government
is still planning to introduce the requirement to produce VI1 certificates for all wines coming
from the EU starting from July 1st 2021.


Shipments of less than 100 litres will be exempt from VI-1 requirements. It is very likely that the EU will be "retaliating" by imposing the same requirements on wines entering the EU from the UK.


All this will wreak havoc to Fine Wine trading, but no panic, we at ENOCARE are here to help!


If you buy your wines from a EU member state and ship them to another member state under bond, such movements will not be subject to the new rules, but you will have to appoint a Fiscal Representative for VAT and Excise Duty in any EU member state and here is where we come in.
We have access to first class Bonded Warehousing facilities in Northern Italy, perfectly equipped for storage and handling of fine wines and ENOCARE will act as your Fiscal Representative in Italy with your own Italian VAT and EORI registration. This will allow you to trade wines & spirits freely within the EU and ship to anywhere in the world as if you were based in Italy, without having to set up a company here. No post-Brexit red-tape.


Here's how it works:


You place your order with your Italian supplier

(or any other EU origin)

Supplier raises a sales invoice to you but shows your Italian VAT registration (managed by Enocare):

sale is VAT exempt

as it is today

Wines are delivered to the appointed Bonded Warehouse in Northern Italy and stored under your account

ENOCARE will take care of all fiscal requirements including Intrastat declarations where appropriate;
You can then either store the wines indefinitely, have them delivered to any EU destination
(including selling back to Italian VAT registered businesses)
or to any destination outside the EU (UK included of course),
with all the required paperwork arranged by ENOCARE on your behalf.

Through our exclusive partnership with STI Internazionale,
a leading wine & spirits forwarder,
we can also assist with all shipping/Customs clearance requirements.


Thanks! We will be in touch soon.

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