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Crafting Wine Excellence

We are a renowned provider of wine and spirits services, offering premier bonded storage solutions and fiscal representation in Italy.

What we do?

a warehouse worker taking out a bottle of wine
Handle with Care

At Enocare, every bottle matters. We provide top-tier storage solutions and meticulous handling, ensuring your wines remain pristine and aging perfectly. Trust us to cherish your collection with specialized climate control, saving you time and safeguarding your wines.​

Delivered and Custom Cleared Worldwide

In partnership with STI Internazionale, a premier forwarder in the wine and spirits industry, Enocare offers comprehensive assistance with global customs clearance. Our collaboration ensures a smooth, hassle-free import and export process, handling all necessary formalities to facilitate international transactions.

a delivery person delivering a box of wine
a delivery person unloading a van
Safely Shipped to you

Enocare manages all associated documentation and logistics, ensuring a seamless delivery process. Our strategic partnerships enhance the efficiency and safety of wine transportation, maintaining quality from our cellar to your doorstep.

Elevating Your Wine Experience to New Heights

Secure, Pristine, Time-Saving Storage Solutions

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